David Rohl

From: Cami
Date: 14 Feb 1998
Time: 13:54:31
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The Exodus was 1410 B.C. under the little-known Pharaoh Dudimose. There is much "overlap" between the 14-17 dynasties, which is this time period. Rameses' line does not start until later, in the 19th dynasty. "Ramsesses the Great" (II) is actually lined-up with Rehoboam--to the very year. (Solomon's son, King David's grandson.) This can, at first, be a bit disappointing unless you really bone-up on your old-testament narratives. The Jeroboam/ Rehoboam time period is actually quite exciting. For instance, thru first reading EVERYTHING I can dig up (no pun intended~~) on David Rohl, & then applying 38 yrs. of Sunday School & Bible Study Attendance, I have seen several shocking tie-ins with biblical history that I know David Rohl must see, (since, after all, it's his time-line) but I can't figure out why he didn't mention them in his book. I am about to finish a degree in Meteorology. (I have one degree in radio/television, & my husband works in television production and editing as well.) I've been working on a paper for a Climatology/Culture course for a few months, obviously with David Rohl getting the credit as my favorite source, but building much more extensively into the "smaller" story-lines of biblical history. ~~ "The fine detail." Although on a lower-level of course, I guess it reads as a "mirror" to Rohl's. Meaning, while he is absolutely brilliant on Egyptology (& I trust his writings 100%), I want to dig just a little deeper not only into the biblical history of the "major characters" that we hear so much about, but other characters as well, including seeing how God's promises & expectations are clearly laid out in the Old Testament.(Which, of course, leads directly into the New Testament.) To quote one web-site book review on Rohl: "It is a faith-building experience to read 'A Test OF Time". ~~ Cami