Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

Help re the journey of the daed

From: Dan Saitowitz
Date: 04 Feb 1998
Time: 12:13:39
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I vaguely remember from studying egypt in school the following legend: The dead were taken across the waters to 'the other side, across the waters, by a certain character in a boat. Once on the other side their heart was weighed against a feather. If anyone could help fill in a few details from the story or refer to any sources where i could study this furher i would be vey grateful. DAN

From: karryn
Date: 23 Jul 1997
Time: 04:39:26
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I have also read this book plus watched the Channel 4 TV series and am quite convinced by his arguments - I do have quite a lot of Egyptology knowledge, particularly about Akhenaten. I am currently researching the Amarna period for a degree and if I come across anything that backs up his argument, I will let you know.