Re: John Romer

Ancient Egypt

From: thamer@awinc.com
Date: 25 Jan 1998
Time: 12:42:22
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I am trying to find a detailed King list from ancient egypt one which includes the Pharoahs and their wives Thanks in advance

Re: Dating the Beginnings of Egyptian Civilization

From: Laura
Date: 05 Dec 1997
Time: 00:51:29
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The link does not seem to work. It gives a Socket Error, saying Host name lookup for 'www.nedfeed.com' failed. I am interested in info on any new developments on the Upuaut Project as well. Any help?

From: Iain Middleton
Date: 29 Jun 1997
Time: 17:30:58
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Re your request about John Romer's series:

I think you're referring to "Testament" which investigates the links between Ancient Egypt and the Bible. The book is available from Channel 4 Books... don't have the details to hand. I've just read it, and it's compelling.

See also recent comments on David Rohl's "New Chronology" which affects much of the historical dating in this and other titles.