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Re: Bauval, Hancock etc

From: jimstone@tvec.com
Date: 20 Jan 1998
Time: 07:47:51
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I 've found an archaeological site near the Dead Sea that seems to provide many of the answers to the questions that R. Bauval asked about the origin of Egyptian culture. I want to find a mailing or email address for him to discuss my site. I have a web page that describes my discovery at: http://www.tvec.com/~jimstone/ can you help? Thanks, jimstone@tvec.com

Re: Dating the Beginnings of Egyptian Civilization

From: Laura
Date: 05 Dec 1997
Time: 00:49:45
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The link does not seem to work. It gives a Socket Error, saying Host name lookup for 'www.nedfeed.com' failed. I am interested in info on any new developments on the Upuaut Project as well. Any help?

From: webbooks@paston.co.uk
Date: 25 Jun 1997
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My new book is written in an easy-to-read style and is suitable for the novice, tourist and expert. It contains the oldest stories and the newest finds, questioning classical Egyptology. You can order through a bookshop or direct from teh customers. More details at http://www.paston.co.uk/users/webbooks/fromdot.html