Re: Bauval, Hancock etc

Keeper of Genesis

From: gumdrops@pacbell.net
Date: 19 Jan 1998
Time: 20:00:55
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Where can I find a copy of Keeper of Genesis. I've gone to the bookstore, but haven't been able to locate a copy. Is there an ISBN number or publication date? Thanks.


From: LvParis@Aol.com
Date: 02 Dec 1997
Time: 20:47:18
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I am very intrested in your project and would like to hear from you. PLEASE E-mail me. Thank-You.

From: Ricardo Kustner (ric@missjanet.demon.nl)
Date: 25 Jun 1997
Time: 10:57:58
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I believe Bauval & Hancock's theories are not being taken seriously by most egyptologist. I saw their documentary on Discovery several times too... it's very interesting.... You can also find some info about those theories on the web...