Re: Egypt and the Israelites

King Tut's Painted Chest

Date: 18 Jan 1998
Time: 19:11:08
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Thutmose III's Mortuary Temple

From: ScarabsRR@aol.com
Date: 30 Nov 1997
Time: 18:08:10
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When Thutmose III built his mortuary temple "Mansion of Men-Kheper-Re endowed with life" he supposedly endowed it with enough land, slaves, priests and other wealth that enabled it to last 800 years. Can anyone add any information to this fact (?) or disprove it? Thanks...Russ

From: marlan@pnc.com.au
Date: 21 Jun 1997
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This has been an enigma for ages, I have never heard or read any reference to the exodus in all the Egyptian history that I have read and also I believe there is no mention of it in Jewish history, and the Jews are meticulous in documenting their history, Why is it so?.