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Re: Horemheb & his tomb

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Date: 09 Jan 1998
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As Horemhen disassociated himself from Akhetaten and Akhenaten by destroying everything he could in relation to these, it is most unlikely that he had a tomb at Amarna. His tomb was actually discovered in the Valley of the Kings. Horemheb had the cartouches of Akhenaten, Smenkhkare and Tutankhamun removed from the main temples and had his reign start from the death of Amenhotep III, thereby denying the existence of the Amarna period. Please e-mail me if you need further info.

Thutmose III's Mortuary Temple

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This has been an enigma for ages, I have never heard or read any reference to the exodus in all the Egyptian history that I have read and also I believe there is no mention of it in Jewish history, and the Jews are meticulous in documenting their history, Why is it so?.