Re: Egypt and the Israelites

Re: double crowns

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Date: 09 Jan 1998
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The double crown represents the territories of upper and lower Egypt. The crowns were representative of the red lands and the black lands and one fitted within the other. This is obviously very basic info and if you require more details, please e-mail me.

Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

Date: 28 Nov 1997
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15 Years ago I became an accountant and though the money is good I have regretted. Stuff the money study and become an Egyptologist, who be glad you did in 10 years time.

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Date: 20 Jun 1997
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At that time Ramses II was reigning. Personnaly I think that your impression is certainly good. Christiane Desroches-Noblecourt in her book "Ramses II - The true story" wrote that the Exodus could start during the 7th year of the reign of Ranses the Great. But she also precise that it is based more upon "logical deductions" than historical facts. Historicaly speaking there is no egyptian writing describing the Exodus or a battle against the Hebrews. So the Biblical description of the Exodus may be a mis or a compilation of many differents facts important for the Hebrews but not important enough for the Egyptians. Do you have another theory? Excuse me for my poor english. Nfr pw.