John Romer

Re: Amarna

From: karryn@lcadmmc.demon.co.uk
Date: 09 Jan 1998
Time: 05:46:10
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I am currently researching this area for my dissertation - I will forward information that I have on the Amarna Letters to you.


From: Candee Gonzalez
Date: 26 Nov 1997
Time: 17:30:38
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My daughter needs to do a reasearch project on the pharoh Aya. Can anyone e-mail me any info or where to find info?? All help appreciated.

From: Michael Davis
Date: 16 Jun 1997
Time: 09:02:56
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Does anyone know of any book published by John Romer? He did a fantastic T.V. series about Egypt and I would like to have a hard copy.