Re: Older than the Pyramids

"General" HOREMHEB and Tomb.

Date: 08 Jan 1998
Time: 19:00:02
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G'day... can anyone please tell me if Horemheb had a tomb prepared for himself at Akhetaten? I already know of Saqqara and KV57 but what about Amarna? One of his titles was "Overseer of the Valley of the Grit Stone. Has anyone read or heard of this 'valley'? Thanks... KOSHKA.

John Romer, email or other mailing address?

From: zobrist@televar.com
Date: 20 Nov 1997
Time: 03:26:04
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I haven't looked at your entire yet site but I've seen Mr Romer's films, read some of his writing and have a question for him that I've been unable to answer for 15 years now. I cannot find an email address or up-to-date mailing address. If some one can help please respond to: zobrist@televar.com

From: keith@fieldnet.demon.co.uk
Date: 07 Jun 1997
Time: 08:13:09
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Try reading "Keeper of Genesis" by Robert Bauval & Graham Hancock for some theories as to dating the Sphinx and Pyramids.