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Re: ancient egyptian metallurgy

From: Adam
Date: 08 Jan 1998
Time: 01:39:33
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David Rohl has a web page at www.knowledge.co.uk/xxx/cat/rohl/index.html The page appears to be a bit old, it talks about study trips that were taken in March of 97 and a Nile tour from 96.


From: Maelztrom@aol.com
Date: 19 Nov 1997
Time: 22:09:17
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My apologies if this is the improper forum for this sort of post...but it appeared appropriate... Does anyone have any information on the unique geometry of the pyramids, the way they were set up etc.? I remember hearing how the hall of kings lined up with certain stars, and all the pyramids were set up to point to a specific star and stuff...but my recollection is so vague as to be useless for the report I'm working on (just for school I'm afraid; I'm not a professional researcher...). Anyway, if anyone has any information relating to it; I'd greatly appreciate it if you could forward it to my e-mail address. You can either use "Iconjurer@aol.com" or "Maelztrom@aol.com".

P.S. Also, if there's any available information on the chamber beneath the paws of the sphinx I'd appreciate it...

From: Siegfried1@aol.com
Date: 06 Jun 1997
Time: 16:37:33
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I am looking for a journal that is more receptive to non-doctoral papers. The title, rather winded I might add, is"The Elucidation of Egyptian Theology: Contemplating and Defining the Nature of God and the Conscientious Devotion of the Ancient Egyptian in Modern Terms." After taking a breath, let me know if any of you know of a journal that might be receptive to such a paper. I did too much work on this to not attempt to get published and to let it collect dust. Thanks...