Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

Definition and heiroglph needed for "Iman Ta"

From: krall@best.com
Date: 04 Jan 1998
Time: 19:56:39
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I am looking for information regarding the words "Iman Ta" and in particular if their is a hieroglyph that depicts its meaning. Iman Ta is supposed to refer to a collection of experiences, but is also referred to as that place where the sun goes between sunset and dawn. It is a hidden world of sorts. Any ideas are appreciated.


Re: Help!!!

From: karryn@lcadmmc.demon.co.uk
Date: 19 Nov 1997
Time: 09:18:21
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I have the same problem in finding both Egyptology & Archaeology courses. However, I have found that if you attend meetings of local societies, become a member of local and international associations and generally make your interest (and knowledge) known, you can obtain assistance from quite renowned people. I have a number of well known archaeologists/Egyptologists assisting with information for my degree thesis - purely through e.mail. If you ask the right questions, you'll get the right answers. By the way, I work full time and am studying for a degree in Art History - not really linked to Egyptology which is my great love, but it means I can base most of my essays on Ancient civilizations and art. My thesis concerns Akhenaten and Amarna. Best of luck - let me know if you get anywhere!

From: Siegfried1@aol.com
Date: 06 Jun 1997
Time: 16:33:05
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I read the book last summer and I found the book very convincing. I have recommended it to numerous people. Has anyone heard anything regarding Rohl's follow up to the book? I posted a few other books on the suggestion list for those of you interested in very good books. The two (Morenz and Hornung) are very good to read in order to understand the complexities of Egyptian religion/theology and should be recommended to any and all interested in ancient Egypt. It should be noted however, that Hornung's book gets really technical and perhaps more complex than most may want.