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Date: 28 Dec 1997
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I have always been facinated with Petrie's expoits, particularly around the giza plateau. Can anyone tell me why when seriously discussing his work I get repremanded, as if on the basis of some evidence he is to be regarded as some sort of cheat or oportunist.

From where did this originate ?

Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

From: Tininah;activity@gte.net
Date: 16 Nov 1997
Time: 19:39:19
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Though not having read the book fully, it does remind me of Rev. R.N. Palmer's, "Reflections on Biblical Histories," that goes into the Hebrew time lines and shows that the events of the Hebrews goes back farther than what many scholars are comfortable with. He uses various types of evidence and does not argue about the histories of the surrounding nations, as he uses them to prove the antiquity of the record. The Rev. uses the letters of Amarna to show the exploits of king David and shows the Egyptian title given him. He revels the name of Ben Zechariah, one of David's commanders, that besieges the city of Tyre ruled by Abemelech (Hiram). Whereas David Rohl does not mention Hadad'ezer being in the Royal correspondence with both Amenhotep III and Ikhnaton, by the name Du Sratta; as both names mean the exact same thing, and both theses individuals did the same thing, in the same place, at the same time. Again the Rev. Palmer also places Moses, even Abraham, back further than David Rohl has done. Without using suppossion, the Rev. Palmer mentions the Egyptian record of the Exodus, that proves it occurred in the 22nd century BCE, terminating the rule of the Egyptian king Menenre II. This record mentons the king by name and ends with the king going after the slaves whom had been reported to be along the sea of reeds near the Ethiopian border. According to the good Reverend Moses was a general in the service of Pepi II (Neferkare I). The Test of Time is well done and I would also like to see what Rohl has up his sleeve for the future.

From: kerry
Date: 25 May 1997
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I have to write an essay on why the Ancient Egyptians mummified their pharaohs. Anyone have any useful suggestions(really soon!)?