ancient egyptian metallurgy

BCE 1928-1895

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Date: 24 Dec 1997
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Can it be determined who reigned during this gap between Sesostris I and II?

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Re: sculpture nefertiti

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Date: 16 May 1997
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Im working in ancient Egypt meatallurgy, basically my thesis is about the possible uses of mercury (Hg) in gold production. this theory is based in three aspects: 1) the "nub" hieroblyphic for gold reminds the stage of filtering mercury from amalgam Hg-Au 2) the well known hiero for mirror (Wallis Budge) as: " liquid white gold" (sic) 3) the alchemia tradition of trasm. lead into gold as the process of Hg. evaporation from amalgam. -------------------------------------------------- to prove this Ill need to....etc etc.

If you have any info. theory comment,etc etc. please, let me know to: Roberto Vargas


thank you Anthony for this oportunity !!!!!!!!!!!