ancient egyptian metallurgy

David M. Rohl

From: Sean A. Taylor
Date: 23 Dec 1997
Time: 08:42:00
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I've been reading Rohl,and have seen the series. In the book has anyone noticed that he apparently inserted himself in a photo reconstruction of the discovery of the secret burial-place of the Kings?

Anyhow, his work is interesting, even if his attitude is a bit off. Does he have a website?

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Re: Akhenaten's Wives

From: karryn@lcadmmc.demon.co.uk
Date: 11 Nov 1997
Time: 07:49:56
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The meaning of Akhenaten as far as I know is "Son of the Aten" or "Son of the Sun".

The bodies of Nefertiti, Kiya and Ankhesenamun have never been found so no one knows what they died of.

Parasitic liver disease seems to have been more common than TB, but, as I am researching Akhenaten and Amarna for my degree thesis, I will post any info I find on this at this site.

Hope this helps - any more info required please e.mail me.

Doors in the air shaft

From: Jim Curtis
Date: 15 Sep 1997
Time: 01:11:15
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.This "door" likely is part of the now outer shell of the pyramid. Beyond that is outside air.

From: roberto
Date: 16 May 1997
Time: 17:44:27
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Im working in ancient Egypt meatallurgy, basically my thesis is about the possible uses of mercury (Hg) in gold production. this theory is based in three aspects: 1) the "nub" hieroblyphic for gold reminds the stage of filtering mercury from amalgam Hg-Au 2) the well known hiero for mirror (Wallis Budge) as: " liquid white gold" (sic) 3) the alchemia tradition of trasm. lead into gold as the process of Hg. evaporation from amalgam. -------------------------------------------------- to prove this Ill need to....etc etc.

If you have any info. theory comment,etc etc. please, let me know to: Roberto Vargas


thank you Anthony for this oportunity !!!!!!!!!!!