sculpture nefertiti

"The Orion Mystery"

From: Yusri Yusup
Date: 21 Dec 1997
Time: 14:58:40
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The pyramids definitely looked aligned like the Orion constellation to me. It couldnt be just coincidence. Any views about this?

Akhenaten's Wives

From: Ibrahim Yezdan
Date: 06 Nov 1997
Time: 04:58:18
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Hi I don't know if I am at the right place . But I want to ask few questions about Akhenaten and his wives.

Q1. What is the true meaning of Akhenaten.

Q2. Did any of the wives of Akhenaten die of T.B or any chest desease?

Q3. If no then , is there any record on anyone having died of T.B or chest desease?

Thanking you. IBRAHIM YEZDAN.

Doors in the air shaft

From: Jim Curtis
Date: 15 Sep 1997
Time: 01:10:00
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.This "door" likely is part of the now outer shell of the pyramid. Beyond that is outside air.

From: walt m darmanin
Date: 15 May 1997
Time: 23:58:30
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i purchased a long time ago a franklin mint sculpture of queen nefertiti , i wish to purchase another for a friend , however franklin mint do not produce this item any longer..can someone please help me locate same. thank you. walt ...jakarta 16/5/97 <waltd01@ibm.net>