sculpture nefertiti

Tutankhamun's mother

From: David
Date: 20 Dec 1997
Time: 08:58:21
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Does anyone know anything about the possible finding of the tomb of King Tut's mother or wet mother a few weeks ago?

David rocky@networx.com.au

Anubus, Egyptian God of the Dead

Date: 04 Nov 1997
Time: 12:28:31
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Any and all informantion concearning this God. Any imformation by other researchers is needed.


From: me
Date: 14 Sep 1997
Time: 18:18:11
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<b><i><h1>this is supposed to be a big italic blinking writting </i></b></h6> me

From: walt m darmanin
Date: 15 May 1997
Time: 23:54:20
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i purchased a long time ago a franklin mint sculpture of queen nefertiti , i wish to purchase another for a friend , however franklin mint do not produce this item any longer..can someone please help me locate same. thank you. walt ...jakarta 16/5/97