The Story of Osiris, Isis and Horus

Who was 'The Mummy'

From: Paul Clarke, PRClarke@compuserve.com
Date: 11 Dec 1997
Time: 09:44:50
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This has been going round work as a Christmas Quiz question. I'm determined to find out just who might be generally referred to as 'The Mummy'??

Re: ancient egyptian metallurgy

Date: 30 Oct 1997
Time: 11:24:30
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What utter rubbish, there is several yards of masonary beyond the door to the outer shell.

pharoah's formal clothes

From: marguerite
Date: 13 Sep 1997
Time: 01:21:57
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Hello from Australia.

I was wondering what the pharoah wore on formal occasions.

Great page btw.


From: ROC426@aol.com
Date: 15 May 1997
Time: 23:08:07
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I was wondering which text(s) is the story of Osiris, Isis, and Horus found and where I can find a reliable translation. Thank you to all who respond. Please email me with any information.