Older than the Pyramids

Re: ET

From: Raahubaat
Date: 09 Dec 1997
Time: 21:20:35
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You sould contact your local Holy Tabernacle Bookstore for more information on this. Dr. Malichi Z York has written hundreds of books on this you can only buy through them.

Crime and Punishment of Ancient Egypt

From: Crockett Junior High
Date: 23 Oct 1997
Time: 09:37:57
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I'm really stressed. It seems as though there is nothing good about the crimes and the punishment that goes along with them.

Somebody please help me.

pharoah's formal clothes

From: marguerite
Date: 13 Sep 1997
Time: 01:21:40
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Hello from Australia.

I was wondering what the pharoah wore on formal occasions.

Great page btw.


Re: ET

From: Michael Davis
Date: 19 Aug 1997
Time: 09:48:19
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I saw a TV program yesterday in which there was a discussion regarding the face on Mars and the similarity to the face on the Sphinx, they were compared as close as the similarities in the relative dimensions, if the ETs didn't have anything to do with the pyramids etc. there are an awful lot of coincidences.

From: Raymond D'Amour
Date: 09 May 1997
Time: 17:45:53
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I'm not very well versed in these matters, but have a great interest in Ancient Eygptology.

I learnt somewhere of a theory that the Pyramids were build in commemoration of a civilisation that existed 10,500 BC possibly when the Sphinx was constructed.

Please contribute on this discussion.

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