Nefertiti... I need HELP

From: LD Raff
Date: 09 Dec 1997
Time: 21:06:47
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I am doing research for a book and I am having problems finding reliable, factual information. I intend to keep everything as fact based as possible. Any source, reference, or pointing in the right direction would be appreciated. Thank you in advance for your help LD Raff ( ldraff@hotmail.com )

Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

From: uri juda
Date: 21 Oct 1997
Time: 19:14:59
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the bible at that time,counted the years as double.I was very surprised that the 430 years of sojourn was mentioned as regular and not as 215 years... for getting it right david counts the time in canaan too... for mor details you can contact uri@aquanet.co.il

pharoah's formal clothes

From: marguerite
Date: 13 Sep 1997
Time: 01:21:12
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Hello from Australia.

I was wondering what the pharoah wore on formal occasions.

Great page btw.


Re: John Romer

From: Michael Davis
Date: 19 Aug 1997
Time: 09:36:55
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To J Lindsay, Thank you for the information, I have not been able to get the site yet it must be very busy however I have it bookmarked.

From: allan eimert
Date: 02 May 1997
Time: 20:13:34
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it is a great shame that gantenbrink is not allowed to continue the research of the vent shaft of the cheops pyramid. even knowing that he is not a archeologist, he has shown us an interesting technology and it would be interesting to know if something is hidden behind the "door"