Test of Time by David Rohl

why the ancient Egyptians mummified

From: Raahubaat
Date: 09 Dec 1997
Time: 21:02:00
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They mummified themselves because they wanted to be included in the resurrection and obtin eternal afterlife. They had knowledge of the double helex and awaited for the time of DNA reconstruction and cloning. Thus they preserved their bodies as best they could to preserve thier DNA so that it could be cloned in the new millinium for the planetary alignment and aboard the mother ship in their newly reconstructed bodies.

What God(ess) is assosiated to a BEE?

From: May Lerum
Date: 20 Oct 1997
Time: 11:07:14
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Please, help me... I am writing a novel, and looking for egyptian animal symbols. Are there any god(ess) symbolized by a bee - or another insect (not the scarab)? I would be very thankful for any information - please mail me at filia@online.no

Champollion's biography

From: kauhua@lava.net
Date: 25 Aug 1997
Time: 17:10:23
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I am looking for a copy of Hartleben's biography of Champollion (Jean-Francois) either in German but preferably in French. The French translation was done by Desroches Noblecourt and published in 1983. Any leads would be appreciated. Aloha.

Temple of Abydos

From: Nicolas Arseneault
Date: 19 Aug 1997
Time: 01:28:52
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Is anyone ever heard about the mysterious hieroglyphs of Abydos??? >They look fake to me..what is your opinion??? >Search on the web for a picture of them... >Thanks in advance...

the sphinx

From: rania magdy seleim
Date: 03 Aug 1997
Time: 06:49:09
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in the last few years we started to have mny new opinions considering the sphinx at giza. soma of the egyptologists believe that there was another sphinx on the other side of the valley temple of chefren. they depend upon a stele in the egyption muesem dates back to the time of cheops saying that he saw the 2 sphinxes beside his pyramid. so they are trying to proove that the sphinx dates back to the archaic period and that ther was another one . i want to know your opinions about this and anybooks realated to the subject

From: Kurt
Date: 30 Apr 1997
Time: 17:55:40
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I am reading a book called the Test of Time by David Rohl. This book proposes a number of changes in the current Egyptian chronology. It shifts dates for many of the pharohs reigns by several hundred years. I am not very knowledgeable in Ancient Egyptian history, however he does make very good arguments and seems to back up his conclusions very completely. Has anyone else read this book? What do you think about it?