dna of egyptian mummies

The Amarna Letters.

From: Emma Buckby.
Date: 09 Dec 1997
Time: 16:06:51
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I am doing my A Level History coursework based around the theories of David Rohl. However, there is so much to cover! I decided to limit my project to the Amarna letters. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any particular opinions on the Amarna Letters, and your thoughts on the "new Chronology". If you are convinced, why are you? How do you explain the names of the Pharoahs which, in the new chronology, simply don't exist. Are they mistakes of past Egyptologists and historians? Also, any information on the letters would be wonderful! Thanks in advance! Emma.

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Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

From: Ian Patterson
Date: 16 Oct 1997
Time: 13:17:40
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I have also read Rohls book and think he is onto something.If Egyptian history is to be revised in light of his theories,most of -if not all of old world ancient history will have to be altered as well. If the experts are unhappy about this,they should remember Galilleo who was proved right in the end.They fear only their theses as stundents will go up in flames.


From: kauhua@lava.net
Date: 25 Aug 1997
Time: 17:06:27
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Does anyone know how I might obtain a copy of H. Hartleben's biography of Champollion either in German (published in 1906) or in French (translated by Desroches Noblecourt and published in 1983)? Any information would help. Aloha.

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From: Anthony
Date: 19 Aug 1997
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From: rania magdy seleim
Date: 03 Aug 1997
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i have heard that there are many researches and different studies were done conserning the ancient egyptian mummies and the dna of these mummies . i,d like to know more about this subject,so if anyone hhas information about it please contact me,or if anyone knows books about this subjct,please contact me as soon as possible my e mail seleim@starnet.com.eg