The Amarna Letters.

From: Emma Buckby.
Date: 09 Dec 1997
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I am doing my A Level History coursework based around the theories of David Rohl. However, there is so much to cover! I decided to limit my project to the Amarna letters. I would be extremely grateful if anyone has any particular opinions on the Amarna Letters, and your thoughts on the "new Chronology". If you are convinced, why are you? How do you explain the names of the Pharoahs which, in the new chronology, simply don't exist. Are they mistakes of past Egyptologists and historians? Also, any information on the letters would be wonderful! Thanks in advance! Emma.

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Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

Date: 16 Oct 1997
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I have also read Rohls book and think he is onto something.If Egyptian history is to be revised in light of his theories,most of -if not all of old world ancient history will have to be altered as well. If the experts are unhappy about this,they should remember Galilleo who was proved right in the end.They fear only their theses as stundents will go up in flames.

Re: Older than the Pyramids

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Date: 25 Aug 1997
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Modern technology is incapable of building the pyramids. As for the classical idea that the pyramids were built using 100,000 men and ramps - ridiculous. Apart from the fact that such as huge number of men would need such an incredible amount of control and supplies, the foremenn themselves would count high and as for the specialised builders where would they be taught? To build the great pyramid in such a way in the 20 years which egyptologists cite, would require lifting and placing one stone, of weight between 2 and 70 tons, roughly every 30 seconds, assuming they all worked 16 hours a day every day. What is more the stone ramps, which would have been buoilt of very hard stone themselves to support the weight, would have (consider the incline is low) involved the transportation and placing of about 4 times as much masonery as was used in the Great pyramid, all presumably disposed of afterwards. Then there is the question of why the builders lost the technique so quickly after learning it so quickly in the first place. The pyramids before and after Giza, although many are themselves impressive, in comparison are plies of rubble.

Question. Why do the so-called ventillation shafts point to Isis (Syrius) and Osiris (Orion)? Why are the pyramids so carefully and accuraetely aligned. Why do they map out part of Orion.

Could it be a message - that's where we went or that's where we come from.

Interestingly enough the weather-dating of the Sphinx, by Robert Anton West, puts it at about 10,500 BC. Were the greatest pyramids already built then - the question is is there any evidence to the contrary apart from a dubious red marks in 'Cheops' and the tiny statue of Cheops found outside the Great Pyramid?

The astrology is fascinating - remeber the emphasis the Egyptians themselves put on it. Around 10,500 BC the age of Virgo was changing to the age of Leo. Virgoans are particularly meticulous people, mathematicians, astronomers etc. Leos, on the other hand are builders.

What would the ancients do after spending some 2000 years studying the sky and the aerth in detail, when they decided to build? Build meticulously maybe.

Whether the builders themselves were human or alien, it must surely be admitted that the unknown technology was certainly alien to us today.

Check out my book, From Dot to Cleopatra, it contains questions which egyptologists prefer to ignore.

More details at http://www.paston.co.uk/users/webbooks/fromdot.html


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Re: John Romer

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I will have a look at my librarium to see if I can be of service, in the interim, would you be so kind as to tell me how I can possibly get in contact with John Romer, either e mail address or organization he belongs to, anything to contact him.

Thanking you in advance, Simon Delicata romulus@istar.ca

Re: ET

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Re: Test of Time by David Rohl

From: rania magdy seleim
Date: 03 Aug 1997
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i,m an egyptologist and tourist guide in egypt.i have b.sc. in egyptology .i read david rohl,s book. ireally apreciate his effort although i dis agree with him in some of the point especially when he depend on resemblence in names not a guarranteed documents

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If anyone is interested in learning about and/or discussing a collection of Amarna pieces, now known as the Mansoor Amarna Collection, you may first want to visit our homepage at http://www.amarna.com

Thank you.

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