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Re: Dating the Beginnings of Egyptian Civilization

From: freemepi@interl.net
Date: 06 Dec 1997
Time: 10:54:50
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could these small shafts be the conduits for the displacement of sand, during the opening of yet undiscovered rooms higher in the pyramid???...the sand then removed through the more known passages?



From: webbooks@paston.co.uk
Date: 08 Oct 1997
Time: 21:22:16
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The pyramids and the sphinx were built before 10,000 BC. The other pyramids in Egypt such as Saqqara and Abusir etc were but poor attempts at building copies of what were already ancient monuments. Egytologists' suggestions that Cheops, as it is known, was built by 100,000 farmers over 20 years would have been a logistic nightmare. The idea that the stones were dragged up ramps is ridiculous; consideration of the size of the ramps determined by the limitation of inclination reveals far too much hard stone would have to be placed first, and removed later.

So what? Alien technology, unknown civilisation, hand of god?

Who knows?

One thing is certain.

We don't!

Re: John Romer

From: jlindsay@indiana.edu
Date: 19 Aug 1997
Time: 23:17:33
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Michael: The site is not terribly busy. If you still have trouble accessing the Resource Page, please email me and let me know. (That goes for anyone else having access difficulties!)

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Re: Ancient Egyptian Law Enforcement

From: Rev. Tamara Siuda
Date: 11 Aug 1997
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Em hotep (in peace), Scott! <P>

Yes, indeed, the ancients trained baboons for security work. There are depictions of policemen with baboons on leashes in an Old Kingdom tomb frieze which has been immortalized at the Field Museum of Natural History in Chicago. One man is being bitten on the leg by such a baboon while the policeman is yelling, "stop, thief!" and the thief is begging the policeman to call the animal off. Additionally in the same frieze which is of a market scene there is a part where a baboon on a leash is pilfering from a merchant's wares, to the chagrin of the merchant. <P>

I can find out more information on which particular tomb this frieze came from if you wish. Contact me at Nebethet@aol.com. <P>

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Re: Amarna

From: Erik Mansoor
Date: 09 Aug 1997
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Anyone wishing more information about the Mansoor Amarna Collection should visit BOTH of our websites at (http://www.amarna.com) AND (http://www.scandalofthecentury.com) or contact Alfred Mansoor at mansoora@sonic.net

Re: Gantenbrink

From: Albert Bertley, Montreal, Canada
Date: 01 Aug 1997
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You mean to tell me that he was not allowed to go beyond this "door". I am dying to find out what is behind it. Some say that it might be the "Ben-Ben" stone or the most ancient of texts which predate the Pyramid Texts. Too bad. I would at least like to know that there is nothing behind it.

From: Anthony DiPaolo
Date: 22 Apr 1997
Time: 03:46:03
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This is a test. I hope all of you will take advantage of this new feature !!